Friday, 19 February 2016

Ed Force One - FLL

10 hours after leaving CWL I landed in FLL on a cloudy afternoon. For a city used to seeing many inbound and outbound flights, for some reason I created a stir. Traffic was snarled on I-95 as onlookers tried to get a glimpse of me. I definitely hoped that flying into the land of frivolous lawsuits I wouldn’t be blamed for traffic accidents.
Landing at FLL (Thanks Wilfredo Tour)


Holy Smoke! (Courtesy
Me up close! (Courtesy
Captain Bruce Dickinson (Courtesy
Press conference with Captain Bruce Dickinson (Courtesy
Bruce Dickinson press conference
(Thanks Jordan Strang)
 Feb 24 - On the way to Nassau (NAS) to pick up Steve Harris for the kick-off gig.
 In Nassau Bahamas ABD666 and ABD667
 (Thanks cameronmd80)

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