Thursday, 31 March 2016

Ed Force One - YUL

I flew into Montreal on a cold rainy day. Except for a few photos, it appears that I wasn't sexy enough to bring out the cameras in that kind of weather. Maybe the next stop is a bit more exciting.


Credit @karimbouchoua 
Credit @Alx_World 
Credit Alessandro Fiorani ‏@Alx_World

Credit Alessandro Fiorani ‏@Alx_World

Credit Alessandro Fiorani ‏@Alx_World

Monday, 28 March 2016

Ed Force One - JFK

I'll be the first to admit that the trip to JFK was the most interesting to date - discounting my near-brush with death. To keep from getting bored on a 9 hour flight from Sao Paulo I pranked my followers on flightradar24 by pulling  off the "Now you see me, now you don't" stunt twice - Once over the Amazon and another over the Bermuda triangle.  I made them all my "Prisoners" for a few minutes... it was brilliant! (Look at the flightradar24 screenshots I included below.
Negotiating JFK was fun, but not for the ERJ145 that was tailing me coming out of the clouds on final. The little fellow would have met Eddie had he not aborted his landing. Sorry pal, pay attention next time! I bet that ride was bumpy mate.
However, the best part came at the end, my crew set me down following a hair pin turn into 13L from about 600ft altitude. From that height, one mistake and my wing is clipping cars on the ground.
ATC (This was a fun one)

(Foto by @SouthpawCapture)

Now you see me, now you don't!
(Foto by shaquille.k on Instagram)
(Foto by @Gar_cia_Cari)
Hairpin Turn
Foto by @NYCAviation

Foto by @NYCAviation

Friday, 25 March 2016

Ed Force One - GRU

On a very wet afternoon I arrived in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I landed on RWY09. I got wet... very wet, however I was not mobbed on the runway like I was in Fortaleza.

Landing in Sao Paulo
(Thanks to Viracopos Cargo HD youtube)


I must be getting up there with Mickey Mouse with the number of
selfies and pics fans are taking with me. 

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Ed Force One - FOR

I made the next stop on March 23rd. What can I say about Fortaleza. What a rowdy, unruly, and wild bunch. Iron Maiden fans were everywhere... and I mean EVERYWHERE!!! They breached the airport perimeter and were 'Running Free' all over the runway to get a close-up look at me. In the terminal they were packed like sardines.  How did so many Maiden fans get past the metal detectors? I was Losfer Words.

During this landing I snagged the ATC recording too. Unfortunately Bruce was resting his voice in preparation for the concert.

The Troopers came out in full force to greet Me
MaidenMania is the new BeattleMania
(Thanks to 0ShadowJake0 youtube)

Touch Down!
(Thanks to jrsmontagents youtube)

Fortaleza fans are Running Free on the runway to get a closer look at Me

Bruce preparing to depart Fortaleza for Sao Paulo

Ed Force One - BSB

My first stop after  SCL was BSB. I was so excited to see Bruce again that I'm sure I leaked some hydraulic fluid.

(Courtesy: Pedro Viana)

Brazilian Fans!

Loading tons of stage sets and equipment!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Ed Force One - SCL

As I flew out of Chile I pondered how close I had come to the end. March 12th was likely The Longest Day of the tour for Bruce, Iron Maiden, the Killer Krew, and all others that were impacted. After all, riding over the Andes by Bus probably sucked. 
Thanks to @_RafaGalvez_ for sharing the pics. 

Ed Force One - ER in SCL

So I arrived in Santiago without a hitch, however on March 12th I had a revelation… I was not as indestructible as I thought. I somehow ran over the tow that was taking me to fill up with jet fuel. Two individuals were injured… they probably saw that light… the one that’s brighter than a thousand suns… but thankfully recovered. My initial diagnosis was disturbing… I had lost my two port engines. While the Bruce and the band moved on the Argentina, I was stranded in innocent exile awaiting surgery.

On March 22nd I was given a clean bill of health by an expert team of Chileans, Air Atlanta, Boeing, and others. I immediately flew out to meet up with the band in Brasilia.

I was hurt... really hurt.... and a near death experience for two ground crew.



The expert team of surgeons that saved Me.

I looked good after the surgery.
The engine test