Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Ed Force One - ER in SCL

So I arrived in Santiago without a hitch, however on March 12th I had a revelation… I was not as indestructible as I thought. I somehow ran over the tow that was taking me to fill up with jet fuel. Two individuals were injured… they probably saw that light… the one that’s brighter than a thousand suns… but thankfully recovered. My initial diagnosis was disturbing… I had lost my two port engines. While the Bruce and the band moved on the Argentina, I was stranded in innocent exile awaiting surgery.

On March 22nd I was given a clean bill of health by an expert team of Chileans, Air Atlanta, Boeing, and others. I immediately flew out to meet up with the band in Brasilia.

I was hurt... really hurt.... and a near death experience for two ground crew.



The expert team of surgeons that saved Me.

I looked good after the surgery.
The engine test

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