Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Ed Force One - FOR

I made the next stop on March 23rd. What can I say about Fortaleza. What a rowdy, unruly, and wild bunch. Iron Maiden fans were everywhere... and I mean EVERYWHERE!!! They breached the airport perimeter and were 'Running Free' all over the runway to get a close-up look at me. In the terminal they were packed like sardines.  How did so many Maiden fans get past the metal detectors? I was Losfer Words.

During this landing I snagged the ATC recording too. Unfortunately Bruce was resting his voice in preparation for the concert.

The Troopers came out in full force to greet Me
MaidenMania is the new BeattleMania
(Thanks to 0ShadowJake0 youtube)

Touch Down!
(Thanks to jrsmontagents youtube)

Fortaleza fans are Running Free on the runway to get a closer look at Me

Bruce preparing to depart Fortaleza for Sao Paulo

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