Monday, 7 March 2016

Ed Force One - SJO

Shortly after leaving SAL, we entered a crowded Costa Rican airspace. This was going to get a bit complicated. Bruce had to negotiate the mountains and a holding pattern but apparently oncoming traffic too. Bruce and the MROC controller were fencing a bit as Bruce wanted RWY07 and the controller kept directing RWY25. Once we were made aware there was departing traffic on RWY 25, it made sense to listen to the controller. After all, with my size I probably wouldn’t be nimble enough to win a game of Chicken... and I'm not sure Costa Rican's would appreciate a nuts and bolts shower.


Me landing on RWY25


I was allowed to leave from RWY 07



  1. Boo! The conversation between Captain Bruce Dickinson and the ATC is gone. :(

    Richard Krugersdorp North Gauteng South Africa.

    1. It's there. Starts around the 1:12 mark. This is the raw uncut audio.

    2. Still get a 404 error when I try to download the mp3 unless you can upload it somewhere else? Thanks

      Richard Krugersdorp North Gauteng South Africa

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