Friday, 29 April 2016

Ed Force One - AKL

Plane-spotters were thrown for a spin on our trip to Auckland. We left quite a bit early from Christchurch thus the paparazzi were caught sleeping. Not too many pictures this time.

Photo by @aviationshotz

Photo by @lozzanz
Photo by @aviationshotz

Photo by ashleykillipnz on Instagram

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Ed Force One - CHC

The long flight from Shanghai to Christchurch was not a sleeper.  We flew over Guam, Vanuatu, and many other islands in the Pacific. We bee-lined our way to New Zealand... if I saw a cast-away shoot a flare to catch our attention?... well, I wouldn't admit to seeing it.

We arrived before sunrise and there were quite a few excited spotters waiting for us.

Photo by @clarejustine

Photo by nzch_nz on Instagram

Photo by @ VbaseChch
Photo by @noosenz

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Ed Force One - PVG

Trip to Shanghai was our last short flight before another long one. No real explanation why the plane spotters are not coming out to see me... maybe they've been jailed?

Photo by @theravenage (those awesome passengers of mine)
Jaws again! (Photo by Dalei Fang)

Nothing worth reading except the 14:00 departure (Photo by Dalei Fang)
 (Photo by Dalei Fang)

Friday, 22 April 2016

Ed Force One - PEK

This was our Maiden trip to China and it met the expectations... Media blackout! It appears that the only plane-spotter pics of my arrival had to be smuggled out for posting on Twitter.

Get used to it. You'll see little of the real me while in China, but perhaps you'll see plenty of cheap copies! Ha!

In good old fashioned communist tradition I will not give photo credits... the smuggled photos belong to everyone! (In reality, I will not give credit to protect the identities of such brave, life risking paparazzi.)

Monday, 18 April 2016

Ed Force One - HND

Our longest leg of the trip was from Los Angeles to Tokyo. The flight path took us over the Aleutian Islands and even the Kamchatka peninsula. Not only was this the longest leg it was also the most dangerous... after all, you never know when the Russians will get an itch to shoot a Boeing out of the sky.

1) 1978 - KAL902 (707) was shot down by a Su-15 near Murmansk.
2) 1983 - KAL007 (747) was shot down by the USSR in the same area we flew over
3) 2014 -  MH17 (777).  A few years back they got the itch again over Ukraine

Getting back to point - we arrived in Haneda without being shot down.

Photo by @7N1GPI

Photo by @GTi787

Photo by @yappunyan_hk

Photo by @Jasparina1

Photo by @yappunyan_hk
Snack bars in the background (Falcons and Gulfstreams) Photo by @canon_hiroshi

Photo by @japan_navy507

Photo by @lovelyrockqueen

Photo by @terajiro
Sy hi to Nicko! (Photo by @Cl7777)
Photo by @BondsSam
Photo by @yoseinomori

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Ed Force One - LAX

Flying into LAX took on a whole new meaning. There was a new Sheriff in town.. nope, not from outside the Hollywood Hills. Sherriff Kobe had just dispatched 60 points the night before our arrival. Too bad we missed it, however knowing the LA scene, it was probably best not to compete directly with that legend.

Photo by caraanmarc on Instagram
It appears that I photo-bombed @EliteTravelDude flashing the horns

Photo by @MarkMcElwain97

Photo by @rana_rdesigns

Photo by southbay_dan on Instagram

Photo by @UncleCapt
Photo by @Scottrovak
Photo by @floreed2

Photo by @rana_rdesigns

Photo by @rana_rdesigns

Photo by @rana_rdesigns

Photo by @AVgeeksTahiti
Photo by @GregDoyle50

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Ed Force One - DEN

After visiting my birthplace in Everett, WA, I flew out to Denver. The plane-spotters were prepared and some great pictures were taken. There was definitely no confusion as to which airport I would fly into this time.

Foto @DENAirport
Foto @DENAirport
Foto @DENAirport
Foto by @PatrickRm101

Ed Force One - PAE

Homecoming was better than expected. I cruzed in from SEA directly into a water canon salute. Best of all, Bruce entertained the Boeing workers who helped build me, #1325.

Foto by @MattAnglin

Foto by @skyblue66

Foto by @BoeingAirplanes

Foto by @BoeingAirplanes

Foto by @Royalscottking

Foto by @Honeywell_aero

Foto by @Christofsmith

Foto by @BoeingAirplanes

Foto by @BoeingAirplanes

Foto by @GooseTRW