Sunday, 15 May 2016

Ed Force One - CPT

After an 11 hour flight from Perth, and after photobombing the world's largest plane, we made it to Capetown. This was the longest rest of the tour. I spent nearly 5 days parked on the Tarmac.

However, the excitement came on our departure. I was flown over Robben Island for a photo shoot. What wasn't clear is whether Bruce was flying or I (Eddie) was flying. I'll let you be the judge after seeing the photo below.

Photo by @crewiser

Photo by binx836 on instagram

Photo by @av8alot

Photo by @theravenage

I (Eddie) am at the controls for once!!! How many Sixes can you see?

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  1. Watching that on flightradar24 was BEYOND nerve wracking! Just watching you do multiple sky-donuts aged me & my BFF about 10 years. 😏